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ba ba ba la~~

RHCE 歡慶十年

RHCE 證照十歲了!!

昨天逛 Red Hat 的官網時,才看到「Join The Celebrate」這則新聞,裡頭提到:

This year marks the ten year anniversary of the Red Hat Certified Engineer® (RHCE) program. With nearly 40,000 RHCEs spanning 152 countries, the certification has long established itself as an industry-acclaimed, performance-based credential, praised by certificate-holders, employers, and industry analysts alike. Join us throughout 2009 as we celebrate its success and the achievements of all who have earned it.

原來我是 400000 個 RHCE 之一啊~~


如果您也是,請上去「Join The Celebrate」看看吧;就算您不是,也可以去了解一下 RHCE 證照的歷史。

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